Miss Mary

Maroon 5 – It should be Adam “Devine”

My first real concert was last night at Ravinia listening to Maroon 5.  I should’ve purchased real seats!  It was a lot of fun “trying” to see them from 15 back at the railing BUT I did get a glimpse of them on stage.  The young man ahead of me at the rail was much taller and I asked if he would take pictures of the band or the screen if he could, oh and I’ll hold your quart sized Miller while you do that.

It was my first time at Ravinia.  WHAT a gorgeous environment for a summer evening.  We left Algonquin at 4pm.  We arrived in the park at 6pm after parking in I swear Wilmette and taking a bus.  Not much grass left to camp out on.    There were two hours to kill before the performance started.  We had dinner and watched ALL the people, especially the little family of four under 6 in front of us. 

We walked around the park.  Just the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.  Someone brought their whole patio seating!   The advantage to walking around is that you understand the necessity of being really early and where all the best lawn seats are for next time.

The first band comes on right at 8.  Not pleased that it wasn’t, ahem, Adam himself.  Another hour goes by.  The firefly rings come out on the little people.  The lighted cowboy hats appear – secretly coveted them, just saying.

Then it happens.  You know the voice.  You know the music – WOW.  Had to go and see if I could see the band.  We headed over to the railing.  It was 15 deep of fans filled with a little Irish swagger, happy to sway with the music, yell at appropriate times, sing the songs and be your new BFF.  Hubby went back to his seat.  I hung out with my new swaying BFFs.

Adam is a different person on stage than on The Voice.   I think the man on The Voice is Adam and he is very likable and FUNNY.   The “on stage” Adam really puts his heart and soul out there.  His band has amazing artists.  Favorite tunes, Makes Me Wonder,  Wake Up Call, Misery and Harder to Breathe (THE FIRST SONG!).  It was about an hour with a return on stage as we headed to the bus pick up. 

Next time, I’m forming a posse of M5 fans and we’ll be in the seats or on stage ;D – Look out Summerfest they’re headed your way tonight.  No Misery here.

PS, Son – we were NOT the oldest people there – NO WAY.

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