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Bellflower Fairy – only it’s a clustered bellflower

Clustered Bellflower (Campanula glomerata) is gorgeous in the garden. You can sow it from seed or use plantings.  .  The statement it makes in the garden has a huge WOW affect with visitors.   I enjoy the height as it reaches about 2 feet tall and stands out among the other perennials.

Mine are in partial shade on the north side of our house in the front.  They’re in need of splitting but I have places for them in other gardens.

Cecily Mary Barker did not draw the Clustered Bellflower, but she did draw the Canterbury Bellflower.  Miss Barker loves to use the flowers as caps for the fairies.  Her version is also a cousin of the campanula clan.



Canterbury Bell Flower Fairy  Cecily Mary Barker

Bells that ring from ancient towers-
Canterbury Bells-
Give their name to summer flowers-
Canterbury Bells!
Do the flower-fairies, playing,
Know what those great bells are saying?
Fairy, in your purple hat,
Little fairy, tell us that!

“Naught I know of bells in towers-
Canterbury Bells!
Mine are pink or purple flowers-
Canterbury Bells!
When I set them all a-swaying,
Something, too, my bells are saying,
Can’t you hear them–ding-dong- ding–
Calling fairy-folk to sing?”

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