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Daisy Fairy

My Shasta Daisies (Alaska) greets you as you walk up my front sidewalk, or waves at you in the back boarder.  As you can see this daisy is paired with the Bonica Meilland flora bunda rose bush to “show off”, if you will.  Pairings speak volumes to on-lookers.

I’ve had these daisies for at least sixteen years – no kidding.   Remember the backbone piece I wrote, daisies are an integral part of my plan.  They add height, color, width, longevity and happiness to a garden.  I use them all over the place.   They do spread but SLOWLY and they do need splitting every four years in the spring.

They come from the Chrysanthemum family.  The Alaska is best grown in full sun.  It is a single flower on a long stem suitable for cutting.  Make sure the soil is amended with compost or peat moss.  Deadheading is needed as the flowers are spent to make the rest of the show continue to be beautiful.  You can grow these from a plant or in the spring amend the soil and add seeds.  You’ll have a bunch of happy faces looking at you before you know it.

Cicely Mary Bakers must have LOVED the Daisy because her rendition of a Daisy Fairy is just precious.  This is one of my favorite pieces of art.

THE DAISY FAIRY by Cicely Mary Barker

Come to me and play with me,
I’m the babies flower,
Make a necklace gay with me,
Spend the whole long day with me,
Till the sunset hour.
I must say Good-night, you know,
Till tomorrow’s playtime;
Close my petals tight, you know,
Shut the red and white, you know,
Sleeping till the daytime.


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