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For years my in-laws have made Italian Sausage.  They happen to be the Extra-Hot variety of family.  My husband and children love the hotness and I, Irish as can be, prefer a milder form of sausage.

Mom and Dad brought all their equipment with them to make ten pounds for us.  They made it in Wisconsin for my hubby’s family for a college graduation of his god-daughter.  They toned it down a tad but I still couldn’t touch the heat, wimp that I am.

They shared the recipe with us which is a family-only recipe.  Not a problem.  The process is interesting, that’s way I photographed it.  Plus it’s a chance to have Mom and Dad in a picture together doing what they love the most, making good things for their family to share.

For Christmas two years ago we all went in on a sausage machine for them.  It was exceptionally quick once they got it all together.  My father-in-laws mother would make the dry sausage and hang it up in their basement.  According to my mother-in-law that’s what my husband lived off of when he was growing up.  This sausage isn’t like that.  This is the kind you throw on the grill as you become the envy of the neighborhood with the aroma of fresh sausage wafting across the yards.

For large family gatherings, Rose and Tony make the sausage.  I can see how much work goes into it along with their intricacies to creating a good product.   Some cooking arts are lost on generations that rely on restaurants to feed them.  Hopefully we can keep this going along with many other recipes traditions from the family.

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