OK, It’s Personal – Garden Art


It’s personal.  Each has a story or a benefactor that graciously thought it would look good in your garden(s).  I try to incorporate all the items given to me into my flowers. 

I try to stay charmingly tasteful – you know where you stop and say, “Awe, how cute”, or have a really big chuckle.  The shock and awe of my back yard is when you walk into it and see the size of the perennial boarder.   Yep, it’s big.

The giggles are a form of humility, that my gardening isn’t all that serious.  Of course if the Queen was coming to see, she may not like my iron dog.

My new favorite, and I’m just dying to get it, are these two little Gremlins carrying one of those awful Gnomes out of the garden.  I don’t find the Gnomes cute in any way – like I said, garden art is personal.  So the gremlin scene is a personal statement.  No offense to the Gnome lovers. 

The artist, Fred Conlon, loves to create these very funny characters that depict all the things neighbors may have wanted to do, maybe even the Queen or her son, since they’re very fancy gardeners, would like to do with others garden art. 

My sister, who is also an avid gardener, uses bowling balls in her garden as you would landscape stones.  Her garden was on the Forest Park/Oak Park garden walk a few years back.  She has an eye for design and it is quite lovely.

But who wouldn’t love to have this in their yard?  It’s meant to make a statement but it’s a small garden all by itself.



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