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Flower Fairies – Yarrow

Yarrow (Achillea)

I have the “Moonshine” or yellow 1 ½ foot type of Yarrow growing in my garden.  It is a hearty plant and comes back each year looking lovely.  It really is bright.  When planning your garden think of complementary pairings such as this plant next to a purple clematis.  It comes in lots of colors and grows along the roadside.

As the Latin name suggests, it was named after the Greek god Achilleas who apparently used it to protect his soldiers.  The plant is known for medicinal purposes as well as magical purposes.   I found a site that lists all the possible uses for Yarrow.


By Cicely Mary Barker

Among the harebells and the grass,
The grass all feathery with seed,
I dream, and see the people pass:
They pay me little heed.

And yet the children (so I think)
In spite of other flowers more dear,
Would miss my clusters white and pink,
If I should disappear.

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