Miss Mary

Workhorse Kitchen Tools

What’s your workhorse in YOUR kitchen?  I have several that I use almost every day and here’s a few:    

Cutting Board:  Two years ago my nephew and his wife gave us a personalized cutting board for Christmas.  My husband and I love it.  They picked it up online at PersonalizationMall.com .  This year I gave away six of these at Christmas. 

This particular board is the perfect size for everyday use.  It measures 14″L x 10″W x 1″D.  There are cut-outs on the bottom of the sides of reasy carrying.  Not that it matters, but you may personalize this board too.  When I am cooking for a lot of people I get out my large cutting board which gives me more room without having to stop to tidy up.

Knife:  A knife is a VERY personal item.  It has to feel good in your hand, it needs to cut to how you like to cut things AND believe it or not length matters.  I picked this knife up at Home Goods.  It’s a Farberware Sandoku 7” Soft Grip Knife.  This is my second one as I broke the tip about a year ago on the last one.

I’d love a Wusthof but the dollar difference of $75 makes a huge difference. 

Years ago I use to use a paring knife, because mom used a paring knife, but with the onset of Food Network and the Cooking Channel  I’ve become a fan of the Sandoku style knife.  I think Rachael Ray’s show (right around 3:00 min is the Ferrari in the kitchen) was the first show I saw one being used.  I became curious by what she was using to cut her produce and meat.  I then saw the knife at William Sonoma but knew it was way out of the price range.  It became so popular that other vendors started making the knife driving prices down.   Wusthof makes for very nice shower/wedding gifts.  I’m an advocate of married women having showers on the 5 anniversaries (5, 10, 15…years).

Plastic containers:  Thank you Tupperware and Glad!  I’ve been able to reduce my use of plastic bags because these companies thought of creative economical ways to store food without having to always use plastic Ziploc bags. 

We’re empty nesters these days and we need a way to store smaller stuff.  I love the twist off containers and the little containers that hold my lemon that I use all week.  They stack nicely in the fridge as well as in lunch bags.

PS:  That handy dandy cup in the background I LOVE.  Picked it up at Joann Fabrics.  It’s a COPCO Eco First Sierra Tumbler and they come in a few colors.  It was around $6.

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