Wittle Wabbits are Wittle Devils

I purchased three flats of petunias in read white and blue initially to create the CUBS C in my back garden. Obviously I over purchased and had plenty to place in other parts of the yard. I created a nice little area in the front and did a little garden art by the postal box (American Flag).

I should have remembered from last year that we have petunia loving rabbits in this yard. My daughter and I were in the kitchen one morning looking out the patio door while a huge white tailed monster rabbit got up on his hind legs and pulled the petunias out of the flower pot that was staked in the perennial boarder. We stood in in utter awe of the guile of this animal.   “Oh my God, no one is going to believe us”, I said.

Well lesson was not learned because believing that even with all the lushness from all the rain there would be plenty of other opportunities for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the little beasts.  Not so.  They pulled and gnawed to the nub most of the plantings in the front.

We shall see what’s next.  NOT a happy gardener these days.  Such a challenge to trick a rabbit not to eat certain things.

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