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Inspiration in Gardening

GARDEN DESIGN INSPIRATIONI’ve been reminiscing over how each of the gardens started plus their evolution due to more shade encroaching in the yard.  In 1994 Better Homes and Garden special interest magazine, Garden, Deck & Landscape Planner, found its way to the Jewel checkout isle.  I picked it up for $3.50.   Inside I found SUCH inspiration for my current garden. 

The article, A Late-Summer Fantasy, showed the garden of Don and Thea Blomquist from Rochester, Michigan in its entire splendor.  It reminded me of the perennial garden I saw in Oswego in 1983 that the garden club planted.  The garden club community garden started me on my perennial parade.   Pictorially the article was everything I ever wanted to do to a garden.

My back yard perennial garden is 80 feet.  That’s a lot of garden.  It’s approximately 10 feet to 15’ wide at any given spot.  Over the years the trees have grown changing the environment significantly from sun to shade gardening.  Adapt, adapt, adapt. 

The bedrock of the garden is “Alaska” Shasta daisies, Morden Pink Lythum virgatum (loosestrife, the hybrid kind), Chrysantemum partenium  (feverfew I sow the seeds into the dirt), trumpet lilies (all kinds – I tend to the pink ones), “Bonica” Meilland flora bunda roses (I’ve had them for 16 years),  “Blue Charm” Veronica, “Moonshine” Yarrow (Achillea), “Stella de Oro” daylily (Hererocallis), false dragonhead (Physostegia),  Phlox, “Moonbeam” Coreopsis,  Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia) and Coneflowers.  Plus LOTS and LOTS of hostas in various colors, shapes and sizes.  The Violets and Lily of the Valley snuck in there somehow.  Bishops cap has taken over vigorously.  I have two Rose of Sharon bushes with Gooseneck Loosestrife dominating the central section of the main garden.  There’s a Peegee Hydranga bush and a regular Endless Summer Hydranga bush tucked into the flora.  Forget-me-not and Creeping Jenny dominate the right side of the garden with the Peonies.  Plus last year I planted a rose garden in the center.  Only four survived out of the seven. 

Yep, when you categorize all that you have, holy green thumb that’s a lot. 

3 thoughts on “Inspiration in Gardening

  1. My name is Tara and my husband is the grandson of Thea & Don Blomquist. He and his siblings have been looking for the magazine that features their grandparent’s garden. I wanted to see if you would be willing to part with it. Please email me if you are. I’ll be more than willing to pay for it if you’d like.

    Thank you for all of your help,
    Tara Blomquist


    1. Did you know that they are also in the 1999 issue of Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications Garden Products and Planning Guide? I have the 1994 and the 1999 issue and they’re exactly the same. I can send you the 1994 issue if you wish. Just need name, address to send.


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