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What’s for Dinner – Grilled Fish


I really enjoy fish.  I don’t know how to cook it.  Yes, I didn’t, until today! 

Last week I was perusing the blogs and ran across Proud Italian Cook who hails from Chicago.  The photography of her recipes is very inviting.  They were very colorful and full of information.  On Wednesday she posted The Thrill of the Grill (catchy ‘eh?).   It looked incredibly easy plus it was on the grill.  Here’s my moment for a good home cooked fish dish.

My husband is NOT a good fish eater so I always hesitate to even consider fish.  He did not complain!  The fish I used was tilapia, two pieces from Caputos, my local love-everything-about-it-store.  The link to the recipe is on Proud Italian Cook.  The recipe calls for you to use cherry or grape tomatoes sprinkled over the fish.  They were delicious cooked that way. 

The presentation on this fish is really quite nice making it a go-to for guests who like fish.  I made Lime Cilantro Rice along with a salad.  Great low cal dinner.

Mangiare Bene (Eat Well)

2 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner – Grilled Fish

  1. Hi Mary, Glad you enjoyed the fish, it’s so easy doing it on the grill isn’t it? Your lime cilantro rice sounds like the perfect side. Nice blog you have here and you have so many talents!!



    1. Thank you Marie. We should meet up someday in Chicago. This past Saturday my friends and I headed to the Division Street Farmers Market and brought home lucious veggies and breads. The Lime Cilantro is one of my families favorite dishes. I used brown rice – I cheat too, I use the Success Rice which takes minutes. There’s also a brown rice at Costco that you can put in the microwave that is exceptionally good. Keep up the GREAT work on your blog. I love It! 🙂


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