Miss Mary

The beginning…Fairyland

(Press play before you read.)

She gazed at her human.  The silent suffering of loneliness of not being able to possess him as her desire tortured her soul.  Her world would not recognize nor help her achieve her happiness.  This painful anguish if realized would destroy his human form to a mumbling fool.  What kind of love lasts only a few memorable days and not for eternity.  He walked past her whispering for her as to not disturb the other fairies.  He was tall and rugged, beautiful as she described him to her elders. 

He worked long hard hours in the fields, when he came across her vision.   She was hauntingly beautiful.  Her lovely form was ethereal, unearthly with auburn hair past her waist adorned in a pale gown.  She was like no other female.  She was a fairy lifted by gilded wings.  Light seared through her or was it the heat playing selfish games.  Who was she, where was she, or surely the mind was playing evil games.

She lived in Tir-na-n-Og, the land of the heart’s desire.   It’s a sensuous paradise.  Many have set out to find this magic land but few know how to see it.  It’s a place between here and there, the land of perpetual youth.  It’s a fairy kingdom, whatever they embrace, intensifies leaving no sense of ever being satisfied.

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