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An Artistic Sister

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There are gifted people in every family.  On my side of the fence that would be my sister.  I’m so proud of her photographic work over the years which culminated in an art exhibit last evening, Friday, June 10th in Chicago.  Jennifer Wolfe is her name and photography is her passion.

We spent a lovely evening at Finnegan Gallery (an intriguing collection of distinctive antiques) where my sister and Peter LeGrand held their Nudes in the Garden art show.  It was written up by Peter Klein in his Art Letter and in the Chicago Huffington Post.  Oh la la.

The man of the hour was the bartender, Colin, Jenny’s boyfriend.  He did a great job keeping everyone happy.  Jenny’s attendees were from all over her life.  It was great to see SO many people who support her and her work. 

The pictures above just don’t do the event justice, especially one in particular.  I talk about my monster garden pot but it cannot hold a candle to the cherub decorated Behemoth in the slideshow.  Small children would drown in the thing. 

You can find Jen’s offical website here at Wolfe Photography.  Congrats Seester, love you much and so very proud of you and your accomplishments.  Oh, PS, cookies were fabulous!

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