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Geraniums, oops Pelagonium

My garden is NOT complete unless there are several geraniums planted in pots all over my yard.  Little did anyone know that we mistakenly call this plant a geranium when in reality it’s called Pelargonium – how about that?  It is the one annual that provides color from May till October.  It has a hearty stock. 

Per the Pelargonium and Geranium Society, Pelargonium’s originated in South Africa.   Every garden club hopes that homeowners will purchase just one geranium and place it on their porch.  They come in so many colors that surely there’s one that will accent your front porch.   The Martha Stewart site has a write up on all types of Pelargoniums.

See how lovely it looks in the pot to the left?  The one to the right is on my patio.  You too can grow these lovely flowers.  Help your neighborhood look lovely, purchase a geranium at your local garden shop. 



Cicely Mary Barker Art and Poem


Red, red, vermilion red,
With buds and blooms in a glorious head!
There isn’t a flower, the wide world through,
That glows with a brighter scarlet hue.
Her name–Geranium–ev’ryone knows;
She’s just as happy wherever she grows,
In an earthen pot or a garden bed–
Red, red, vermilion red!

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