Gardening · Miss Mary

Fairy Gardens

Fairies choose who may see them.  Even those lucky enough to possess a four-leafed shamrock, which gives one the gift of fairy sighting, perhaps only have the shamrock in their possession because a fairy deemed them worthy of fairy sight.  They often appear to children.  They prefer to live a simpler life in the country but are known to be all about.

They do give great favor to those that help to make them “at home” by providing a garden of their own.  They travel at night all over the world on the moonbeams.  As a moonbeam reaches to earth it finds a shiny rock to provide the arch of travel.   Fairy gardens are built with “shiny” in mind as they love beautiful things.  They are most grateful to those that leave them a cold potato, a drink of milk or a little wine. 

Fairy gardens can exist in small venues.  This one has a small rose bush with ample hiding places and shiny rocks for nighttime travel.  We’ll need to add more as the summer progresses.

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