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Product Review – Gardening Guide

Gardening can be a challenge if you don’t know what you’re doing.  It can be frustrating because you don’t know how to do something or what a term means.  What’s compost and why is it helpful to tomatoes?  How do I use compost?  What the heck is mulch?  What tools do I need for the garden?  What’s the difference between a perennial and an annual and how long is the show (bloom time)?

Years ago I found the Reader’s Digest Illustrated Guide to Gardening.  OMG, it is the Bible of all Gardening Knowledge.  My book is really old, 1986.  They have a newer version with color pictures.  Mine is faded but the information remains the same.  I’m sure the updates include newer products and greening initiatives but gardening has always been “green”.

There’s an entire chapter dedicated to Iris plants.  All 672 pages are filled with how to grow perennials, bushes, trees, annuals, green house plants, climates, ground covers, growing plants for food, what you should know about your soil, controlling pests, diseases and weeds, garden design and many many many many more features.

In 2009 I wanted hydrangeas along the western side of the house.  My inspiration came from the Martha Stewart Living Magazine , the article was Mass Appeal, which dedicated an entire magazine to hydrangeas.  I just fell deeply madly in love with them.  I purchased five and brought them home.  I get ready to plant them and for some reason I read the packaging.  OMG, if I had just read my book it would have said prefers morning sun.  The picture you have inside your head has now just been obliterated.  SUCH a disappointing moment; I felt like Charlie Brown – crushed.  I planted them on the east side of the house and they’re lovely but it’s not the same. 

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