Miss Mary

Lady Bug Picnic…

It started out with a trip to the quilt store to pick up fabric for a cute little four year old, soon to be five.  The ladies in the quilt store were so helpful with her.  We found all the right colors and even material with lady bugs on it.

My least favorite chore is cutting.  Anything but that please.  The reason is you can make mistakes – like I did today.  I cut a 9 inch instead of a 9 1/2 inch in six colors.  Had to go get 6 more fat quarters.  Thank goodness Quilt in Joy had them. 

Inbetween cutting and piecing I had lunch.  The stress of it all.  It’s not feta folks, it’s tofu.

I’m using the Yellow Brick Road pattern they use on beginners.  It’s easy and fast.

By 10 pm I had the top completed, with a run in the middle to the quilt store, the gym and making dinner.  Tomorrow the sides, the back and pinning.


I know you’ll remember this from Seseme Street, The Lady Bug Picnic.  Enjoy.


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