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F is for Fuschia

I was a teenager the first time I saw a Fuschia.  That plant has hypnotic it draws you into its beauty.  You can’t wait to see another one.  The abundance of like type flowers on one habitat just is stunning as it makes a lovely gardening focus in a shady part of your garden.

Fuschias are greenhouse grown.  From what I’ve been able to find from The BritishFuschia Society its native land is in South America.  It was brought to England by Captain Firth, a sailor, from South America in 1788.  He brought the plant back for his wife.  A successful nurseryman purchased it from him for £80 to grow as an investment.

Cicely Mary Barker saw the beauty as well and created a Fushia Fairy.  Talk about a lady with a creative imagination to lure children to learn.

The Song of The Fuchsia Fairy

Fuchsia is a dancer
Dancing on her toes,
Clad in red and purple,
By a cottage wall;
Sometimes in a greenhouse,
In frilly white and rose,
Dressed in her best for the fairies’ evening ball!


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