Gardening · Miss Mary

Raised Vegetable Garden

Garden on May 17th
This summer I decided to plant the raised bed differently.  In the past I planted only tomatoes and herbs.  This year I removed most of the herbs and planted mesculin organic lettuce seeds and loose leaf organic seeds.  Tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini and pepper plants make up the rest of the raised bed.

This bed use to be my compost pile.  My husband shored it up by adding a back wall and added garden dirt and mushroom compost (I call it garden gold).   Peat moss helped too.  This year I added 6 cubic feet of dirt and 1 cubic foot of mushroom compost after I turned the bed over.  As a gardener your patience bears fruit because you go from “winter ugly” to the best looking dirt ever.   Working in the garden  gives you SUCH a sense of accomplishment.  Plus it helps you get out any crankiness you might have accumulated over the day.

I really enjoy this raised bed.  You can sit on the side of it when you get tired of working in the larger gardens during the heat of the summer.  It’s next to a small perennial garden that we put our marker for our pups, Lady and Belle.  They would patiently wait outside for me when I was working out in the gardens or if the lawn had just been mowed, they’d roll around in the grass.  So fun to watch.  What is it about grass that dogs love?

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