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Garden Art that’s Functional

Last year for Mother’s Day I asked my husband to build a Tuteur (fancy name for a tall pyramidal trellis).    One of my gardening magazines had these very fun shapes of Tuteurs that were BRIGHTLY colored in blues.  In a very large perennial garden this Tuteur adds a lot of interest.

As gardening goes if the landscape is bland and the gardener wants you to see the plantings the eye doesn’t stop.  The eye only stops when you see major pops of color or structures.  Such things as sculpted bushes, fanciful ways to walk through a garden, hedging, mass color and garden art create entertainment or serenity for every visitor.

We use birdhouses, sculptured wrought iron, bird baths, coal buckets, wine bins, CUBS C and pots to add interest.

The intention was to use the Tuteur for a climbing rose bush.  Last year I decided to turn the front part of my garden into a rose garden.  The climbing Rose bush, planted in the front,  is very weak.  I planted clematis on the left side and planted morning glory seeds on the right side.

I’ve added the link to the pattern we used for our Tuteur.  You can make it any size.  Let me know if you do.  Have fun.

Click here for a fun garden to visit.  It’s the blogging work of Gayle Trail at You Grow Girl from Toronto, Canada.

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