Miss Mary

Product Review – Dijon Mustard

There are other brands of Dijon Mustard.  Who knew?

I tried a vinaigrette recipe that used Maille Dijon Mustard.   It couldn’t hurt to try it.  The question was, can I find it?  I shop at Target Super stores for canned and soft goods.  If they don’t have it I check the grocery stores.  Target did not carry the product.  So it’s off I go to our local “global” store, Caputos.  There it was, next to Grey Poupon.

While Grey Poupon and Maille taste similar, there’s an after taste from Grey Poupon.  I liked how Maille worked in my salad dressings.   I’ve been using it now for a month and I really notice the difference.

Examining the contents of each there’s a vast difference in content.

Dijon Mustard Grey Poupon Maille
Product of: Kraft Global Canada
Website: www.kraftbrands.com/greypoupon www.maille.com
Ingredients: Water Water
Vinegar Mustard seeds
Mustard seeds Vinegar
Salt Salt
White wine Citric acid
Fruit pectin Sulfur Dioxide (preservative)
Citric acid
Tartarin acid

I think content and taste has, for now, made me a Maille fan.  Give it a try.

Mangiere bene (Eat well)

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