Miss Mary

A Miss Mary Baby Blanket

Can you tell this is for a baby girl?  I was lucky enough about six months ago that Quilt in Joy had a flannel pink baby blanket kit.  I had my wits about me that day and picked up the backing at the same time. 

This is my second time making this pattern.  You’d think I would have learned by now to make notes about the technical writing and what the author really meant.  This time though, I had watched a tutorial where you sew all the strips together to make a cylinder.  (There’s 8 columns and 8 rows.)  You then cut 8 – 4 inch sections from your cylinder.  You then use your seam ripper and with each section you take it apart sequentially.  Man was that fast! 

I still have a problem with measuring the inner, outer strips and the backing.  One of these days I’ll master that. 

It’s not quilted yet.  Probably won’t get to that till Saturday.  Plus I need to pick up one of those pretty threads that has several colors in it.

2 thoughts on “A Miss Mary Baby Blanket

  1. Your quilt is beautiful, but I could see this as a baby boy quilt as well. With all the blues in it, it would work for a newborn boy. They say pink is a wonderful color for any baby. Regardless of who it is for, you did a wonderful job.


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