Planting the Chicago CUBS C

A few years back, actually quite a few years back, my son asked that I plant the Chicago CUBS moniker in my perennial garden.  We enjoyed that task and didn’t do it again.  I happened to mention it to one of the elementary age boys in my neighborhood and the other day he asked me if I was going to plant another one.  OMG, of course I will.   It’s our small way of keeping kids happy in the ‘hood.

So, my last attempt was not nearly as successful as I would like this one to be.  Last time I used white impatiens, blue argoreteum,  and red spikes.  Really?  This time I believe I made a better decision on flowers.  I chose red, white and blue petunias.  Hello!   Having the flowers be the same size helps to actually see the C at some point.  I used a fridge magnet that had the CUBS logo on it as my guide to flower placement. 

I googled to see if anyone else had done this in years past.  The only image that came up was a garden gnome with Chicago Cubs branding.  This s a Gnome free garden but fairies are always welcomed.

Placement of the C the last time was probably an issue of shade vs. sun.   I moved the location to a sunnier spot.   The raised box they’re in is from my daughter’s lofted bed from her first year in college.  My hubby doesn’t throw anything away so we used it in the garden.  Pretty fancy, ‘eh. 

I’ll document the success or demise of this endeavor over the summer.   Keeping my gardening gloves crossed!

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