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Handmade With Care

It’s not a purse, or a carry-all, nor a gym bag but a real fancy TOTE.  One of the largest I’ve made.  I used left over fabric plus the new canvas I purchased.  The design of the bag is different from the others in height and construction.  It’s meant to haul stuff.  Blankets, picnics, beach towels, lunch for six, packages, groceries, and 15 pound dogs.

It’s a friend’s birthday and I realized I was remiss in getting this completed.  My problem is fabric.  I love, love, LOVE fabric and always want to purchase new fabric.  Plus, I just could not wrap myself around what would work best for her.  I spent Friday evening pouring through my boxes of fabrics and finally found these.  They said feminine, trendy but not out there, non-teasable as she has a houseful of young boys and portable for the hours in carpooling to games.   There was the opportunity to create something with these fabrics.

I had to play around with what should go where.  Do I make the squares the body, the yellow the body or the flowers the body.  Am I going to use the same pattern, different pattern or adjust for change?  Took me hours to get it right.  Then I cut the fabric.  Once that’s done, you’re on your way with no going back.  Thinking it through to the end can be taxing but I really like the results. 

I’m wondering if I could ever make a purse or tote without a front pocket.  Of courese there’s the Miss Mary tag inside along with a double pocket made out of the yellow batik.  The other fabrics I believe are from Sandy Gervais’s fabric line Awesome from last fall.   I purchased inexpensive off white cavas which lines the bag as well.

Time to deliver the goodies.

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