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It’s a French Themed Tote

Fun and colorful was the attraction to this American Jane Le Petit Poulet  fabric to make another tote.  My friend Lynne’s birthday was today, May 9th.   She likes roosters and when I saw Le Petit Poulet I knew what I’d be making.  I purchased two charm packs but only used a few out of one of the packs.  I have other ideas for the remaining squares.

Precuts save me so much time as I do not like to cut fabric.    To make my Miss Mary Totes I use a basic pattern base but adjust as I see what works with the choice of fabrics, the intention of the function of the tote  and  how everything will fit in the basic design. 

Because I make a lot of these, I finally broke down and purchased lots of yardage of off-white canvas.  It’s very affordable and if you have a coupon, all the better. Fabric Choice

Using precuts makes it much easier to measure too.  I could measure twice and cut all day and still get it wrong. 

Making the star is very easy.  You make four flying geese, attach 2 red blocks to the ends of two of the the completed geese and attach to the square. 

The sashing is done with precuts cut in half and sewn together.  I stabilize the sash and then attach to the stabilized bottom.

  From the star that you made, it will become the pocket on the outside.  Cut a piece of fabric exactly the same size as your star and with right sides together sew it leaving a 3 inch hole at the bottom to turn inside out.  Trim your corners, turn inside out and attach to the top part of your tote in the middle.  Attach the top to the bottom.  

I’ve made a lot of totes and it’s always been a pain to figure out how to do the straps.  I’ve decided that sewing them into the seam of the top section makes them MUCH stronger.

Secure your straps with pins.  Attach your top stabilized strip to the top of your tote.  Square up your pieces and make your backside of the tote.  

You’re done with the outside of the tote.

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