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Mug Rug Update….

Hubby suggested I send two Mug Rugs for Mother’s Day, one for Mom and one for Dad. 

 So, I used the same colors but created a star pattern for the right side of the mat.   “Esentially, these are big coasters”, he said.  You could look at it that way.  I think it’s just nicer to pull this out than a big place mat.  Plus they’re cute.

To the left, this is just the top not quilted.  Still have to add the batting, backing, quilting and binding. 

The star pattern I used was from Flag of Valor created by Minick and Simpson (it’s a free download).  The original idea behind this pattern was to create quilts for our service men and women.  I think I’m reading it incorrectly as it does not say to clip away yardage when you create the points.  It shows removing only one layer not two.  Makes for a bumpy top.  I saw their offer to create a star a day ahead of when they were due.

You can do whatever your heart desires (or time constraint dictates)  to create these cute little mug rugs.  I know I’ll be making more.

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