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Virginia Bluebells

It’s really Spring because my Virginia Bluebells are in bloom. 

In my perennial garden I have lots of varieties of perennials.  Virginia Bluebells is one of them.  The latin name is Mertensia virginica. 

The uniqueness of this plant lays in the pink buds that turn into the bluebell.  Enmasse it’s quite the floral show.

They require partial shade and rich loamy soil.  Peat moss or compost topped on them in the fall would be helpful.  After blooming they grow to 1 1/2 feet tall toppeling to the ground in the summer.  Seeding occurs in early summer so you should watch for the seed pods.  This plant is prolific.  I’ve had these for sixteen years. 

They sit in the left back corner of the shady side of the garden.  Under all these are such things as hostas, Lily of the Valley, Bugbane (Cimicifuga simplex) and others.  This area is also under a Mulberry Tree.   (Harumph)  Very messy in the summer when all the fruit drops. 

I love the work of Cicely Mary Barker who helped children learn their horticulture by using portraits of flower fairies with their associated flower.  She used the coloring of the flower in their clothing and tried in some cases to design the clothing to resemble the flower.  This little Cowslip Fairy is a cousin to the Viginia Bluebell.  Her attention to detail and the whimsy would draw any child in to seek out the flower and to learn.  Like my hubby says, “It’s all in the presentation.”

2 thoughts on “Virginia Bluebells

    1. Thanks Toasty. Appreciate you stopping by. Just gave a way a few Virginia Bluebells yesterday to a friend who’s created a huge space for a perennial garden.


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