Miss Mary

Lady and Belle

This picture is the epitome of the lives of our two pups, “Does this bug you?”.  Lady is on the right and Belle is on the left.  Belle’s mission in life was to torment Lady as much as she could.  She’d body bump her to get into the house for a cookie.  She’d mosey over to Lady’s bed, stand there then proceed to step into the bed forcing Lady to move.  Such a little ….

Last week was a tough one on all of us, we lost both pups.  Lady was 15.  She didn’t really have any options to relieve her suffering so mercifully I asked the Vet to put her to sleep.  Belle came with us as she wasn’t keeping anything down or anything in.  She was 13.  After blood work and x-rays she had a huge tumor.  The chances for Belle were – she has a week maybe a month.  We brought her home to care for her.  She had five days.

The end days are not the memories I wish to harbor.  When we would go places we would have someone come to the house to take care of them.  I had one miserable boarding situation where Lady cried all the way home and needed a bath so badly that only I volunteered to get her clean.  The girls would retaliate, early on – thank heavens they grew out of that stage, where they would find toilet paper or Kleenex or a phone book and rip them to shreds.  Just for us.  One day we went to a family event and came home to a silent house.  Not a bark, not running to the door, nothing.  We saw the Kleenex all over the foyer and Lady sitting in the den, full grin mind you, but no Belle.  Everyone spread out while I took the kitchen.  As I came into the kitchen I looked on the other side of the island and there she was with a square Kleenex box on her head.  Oh my God, how long had she been like that just sitting?  Sad yes, but hilarious.  Wish I had a cell phone at the time that took pictures.  My kids made up all kinds of stories of how Lady tricked her.  I never did get a picture of that but guess what happened, no more shredding.

Lady was a hugger.  You would receive only one kiss a day.  Belle would just be all over you.  They loved to play.  Lady was always the clever one, she’d get Belle to do things that we couldn’t get her to do.  Belle every day, several times a day, would place the draperies on her head in the den or in the dining room.  Probably some reminicent Kleenex box therapy.

It’s lonesome here.  No jingling of their dog tags.  No scratching at the patio door to go out.  No one at your feet as you type.  It takes some getting use to.  We’ll miss them much.

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