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9 Patch, Does this Speak to You?

In your mind’s eye you have a picture of what you think you want something to look like, especially when you’re creating a quilt.  I’m a “mannequin” buyer which relates to all things.  I see it.  I don’t want to hunt for it.  Oh Sales Person please help me find all this stuff. 

Last week I was at one of my new favorite fabric stores Material Girl.  Up on the wall they had a beautiful quilt top using a brand new line of fabric in a disappearing 9 patch.  Mannequin moment, that’s what I’ll use on my new little charm pack, Lovely by Sandy Gervais. 

Long story short, I’ve used 2 Lovely charm packs and now I’m trying to decide if I should do sashing, which was not on the quilt top hanging in the shop.

Now I feel like a kid in the candy shop.  I was originally going to use an inner boarder and an outer boarder.  It’s all up the air as the quilt is trying to come ALIVE.  Goodness, all the trials.

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