Miss Mary · Sewing

Making a Miss Mary

It’s personality that I focus on when I make a Miss Mary.   When it’s a birthday or a hostess gift I think about the person I’m making this for. 

Things that come to mind are:

  • what colors does she wear the most
  • what function will she use it for
  • what is her personality
  • what will she appreciated
  • what style will fit her personality
  • what fabric represents all of the above.

My friend Laura Grimaldi works at a Quimoi Savoy Salon and Day Spa and I know she schleps lots of things to work such as lunch, water bottles and client goodies – but not limited to just those items.  The aprons they use in the salon are leopard print which fits Laura’s aurora. She’s not wild she’s funny, loving, all-knowing, adorable, grounded, loving, loud and someone I adore.  She makes people feel beautiful at their best times and at their worst times.  She reaches out emotionally and spiritually to you every time.  She knows your kids, your husband, your neighbors and you could honestly say probably everyone in Algonquin, West & East Dundee and Carpentersville.   

When looking for fabric for her tote the fabrics just didn’t say pick me up until I came across the leopard print.  Then the vision of the purse started to unfold like a Disney movie with handles, pockets, design, interior fabric all coming together in my head.  That made shopping that much faster. 

It’s not an easy process especially if you cannot find the right fabric.  It does jump out at you so patience is needed as well as planning.  I do have stashes of fabric that I when I see it I think of someone or myself and how I would use it. 

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