Miss Mary · Sewing

Miss Mary Tote

  • Long enough handles.
  • Light inside.
  • Pocket outside of the purse/tote.
  • Pockets inside the purse to carry pens and emory boards
  • Ample room for a bottle of water, magazine, book, makeup bag, beach towel, small dog and husbands requests – camera, his bottle of water, keys,….
  • Attractive with seasonal color
  • Closure
  • Wide enough opening
  • Sturdy Handles – sewn into the seam and not on the outside
  • Quality materials
  • Needs to stand up
  • FUN

Totes are so versatile.  I use one every day because I carry a bottle of water around with me plus a multitude of “other” things that require space.  

I’m certain there are a few of you out there that have a list of requirements for your purses.  One of mine is an outside pocket for my cellphone and keys.  I build my totes to have outside and inside pockets.

Straps are a big deal to people too.  Too short or too long, we get fussy about the length.  Two reasons for that –  too short you can’t do the over the shoulders carry and too long they fall off your shoulder. 

The single requirement now, for me, is can I see into the cavern I call my purse/tote?   Black lining, dark brown or any dark color is a deal breaker for me.  I don’t care if it says Vera Bradley, Prada or  Coach – if it’s dark inside it doesn’t serve my needs.

 So as I make my little lovelies, I keep all of that in mind.

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