Decorating Cookie Tools

Best Ever Decorating Kit I’ve been gone for a while but after vacation and my last two weeks of work I’m ready to get back to the things I love to do.

There’s always a tool that you find that you ask yourself, “Where have you been?”  Like my Kitchenaide mixer.  Lordy, I love that beast of a machine.  It has replaced my elbows hundreds of times.

Well there’s another tool that I found about two years ago that has made cookie decorating so much easier and it is the Kuhn Rikon Squeezable Decorating Kit with tips and spreadable spatula.  I have only found it at Sur La Table.

Prepare your Royal Icing – use your favorite recipe.

Select a rounded tip for your squeezable bottle.  I like the large bottles for mass coloring.  The accordian squeezable for smaller coloring.  Outline your cookie.

Then FLOOD your outlined cookie with the desired color.  Use your small spatula that came with the kit to  spread.  Let your cookie dry over night or for several hours until the icing is hard.  Fini!

To the folks at Kuhn Rikon, I searched and searched your site for videos on how to use your equipment such as the Cookie Decorating set, but alas to no avail.  Just suggesting.

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