Miss Mary

My Little Jewel

One of my favorite TV designers is Sarah Richardson from Sarah Richardson Design and Sarah’s House on HGTV USA.  Her work is unique and contemporary without being way out there.  Last year we remodeled the powder room and I chose what she had done in her small bathroom in the renovation project from her Season I. 

Thank goodness they have source sheets on the web so you can find out what they used.  It took a lot of digging because Canada, where she lives, has very different suppliers even in big box stores.  Needless to say after MANY hours researching and asking favors of designers everything was purchased and in the house to start the renovation.

We started with the paint.  The brand of paint was not in our area but thank you Home Depot, they had some type of cross reference to what I needed. 

Sal tried his best to put up the wallpaper from England, yes England.  This was a labor of real anxiety but not to happen as the paper was very inflexible.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen my hubby so frustrated.  So we hired a paperhanger.  I called my BFF Carmen Boyer from White Oak Interiors and asked her for a recommendation (that’s her on the front page).  The way inwhich this paper is put up it requires an under layer – WHAT, Get out!  (((((that’s what it said on the package too))))).     Two days later the second layer goes up.  (This is 2 days of time off also.) 

The value of a paperhanger is immeasurable.  He did SUCH a great job.  If there was one wish for maniquin buyers like me, could we demonstrate during the TV shows exactly how these folks put these things up?  It would certainly take the frustration out a little.

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