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Fairy Quilt – fabric to love

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful artist called Cicely Mary Barker who created the most beautiful books to help youngsters learn about flowers.  She entertained them with beautiful illustrations of her versions of fairies as she combined them with the flower she was drawing.  She assigned a fairy to each flower. 

Fairies became a popular theme in art and literature in the early 20th century.  In 1918, Barker produced a postcard series depicting elves and fairies.  In 1923, Barker sent her flower fairy paintings to various publishers.   In 1925 Ms. Barker had her first book Flower Fairies of the Summer published.  (From Wikipedia.)

I love the delicate facial features of this wee one. 

Michael Miller fabrics have captured these works of art and placed them on fabric.  I’ll be using them to make a quilt from one of Terry Atkinson’s patterns, Slide Show.

I stopped by Quilt ‘n Joy and they did have the fairy fabric on sale.  I was so excited.  This past fall when a friend and I went on our Quilt Crawl (that’s what my hubby called it) someone had taken the Michael Miller fabric and created a quilt out of it using the Slide Show pattern.   I could hardly move.  It’ll take some time but can hardly wait to see it come together.

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