Quilting or Art?

My friend Pat Mesker and her quilting buddy Vicki (who has the best ever stash of quilt fabrics, patterns and stitching on earth – rumored of course) and I attended the Algonquin Quilt Guild meeting last evening.  One of the features of attending these meetings is to show all the beautiful work these ladies have been working on.   One of the ladies displayed her honor quilt which is featured here.  (I’m learning all these new ways.)  Well, it was stunning. 

All the work you see there is hand appliquéd.  Where I was sitting it looked as if it was crewel work.  Every flower had multiple layers.  The ships were all individual with roman garlands as their crowns.  The sails on some looked as if they were billowing.  She hand stitched the ropes to the sails.  The boats were dimentional.  I just wanted to study it all night.  Each corner had a compass-like applique.  She used colorful batiks for the flowers.

Seriously, it was breath taking.  I have a really long way to go to get to this level.  Currently I’m just working on baby quilts.  (squares and sashing – big deal)

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