Another Miss Mary – Spring Tote

Don’t you just love the colors?  They’re neutral enough to go with just about anything.  This tote was desgined with the handles sewn into the seams of the top band.  This makes it sturdier.

There’s the large pocket on the outside that has been designed better as well.  It is now a lined outter pocket.

Some have asked for a closure but I’ve found that a closure is not condusive to a tote.  In fact it gets in the way.

The linen material was a great find at Quilt ‘n Joy.  The fabrics are so easy to cut and sew.  Elaine Funk was the recipient of this little creation.  She was hosting the January birthdays in their lovely Arlington Heights home.

As you can see there is the double pocket on the inside.  That’s handy for your flash drive, receipts you pick up, the pen you’re always looking for.

The tote uses fusable batting along with a fusable stabilizer for sturdy construction.  Enjoy Elaine.

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