Miss Mary

Favorite Utensils Part 1

   I believe the success to any kitchen lies in the quality of the tools you use.  I always seek out those tools that I know help me to be successful in creating what I cook/bake/roast/….

What to look for?  It’s all personal.  Here’s what I like.

Scraping Spatula:   My personal preference, when it comes to scraping spatulas, is a flat handle whether wooden or plastic.  It needs to fit comfortably in my hand so that it stays in my hand when I am turning batter.  The spatula needs to be sturdy/thin enough so that you get a clean swipe in your bowl with out bending causing you to take extra time to do the scrape down or clean out. 

Long Metal Spatula:  What you see here is a vintage Ecko spatula.  No longer made like this.  I use this exclusively to remove cookies off of my cookie sheets.  It has a long wide flat surface with a solid wooden handle.  The success here is that it is wide enough to take a soft cookie off of the cookie sheet so it does not bend.  Success!

Small Cake Icing Spatula:  There are times when you need the flexability of something small when you’re icing.  I understnad the need for the longer icing spatuals (not to spread icing with your knuckles – hello) but the “bend-y-ness” of those spatulas makes me crazy.  Maybe I need a cake decorating class to get use to them but right now, not so much.

Utility knife:  Find one you really like.  In this day and age where fresh vegetables are staples of a healthy lifestyle the investment you make is also an investment in you to have the tool to help you be healthier.  How so, cutting up veggies isn’t as much a chore with the right knife.  This one I found at HomeGoods.

Microplaner:  LOVE IT!  Great for zesting lemons, limes and oranges.  I use it for grating nutmeg – BTW you will not go back to the pre-grated nutmeg when you grate your own – totally different aroma with a better flavor.  Talk about ease of work, this is the tool to help make things taste lovely especially merinades.  Of course I picked this up at William Sonoma – Will for short.  The Microplaner origninaged in the woodworking industry to smooth down wooden surfaces.  Nothing like guys gettin in the kitchen!

Slotted Spoon:  This is a vintage slotted spoon by Ecko.  No longer made this way.  Why do I like it?  It’s sturdy.  It’s easy to clean.  It’s the PERFECT size – not huge, not too little.  It’s not plastic!  AND it’s proven to last a long time.

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