Miss Mary

How to Bake Cookies


There’s making cookies and then there is BAKING cookies.  How do you bake cut out cookies?  Why does it stick to your surface?  How do I get it onto the cookie sheet?  What cookie sheet is best?

These are all questions one asks when you’re right in the middle of dough-to-baking phase when it’s just a little too LATE.  There are a multitude of ways to bake, and then there’s mine.  I’m a neat freak and really I can’t bake unless my surface area is WORKING for ME.

1.  You need a Silicone Silpat Rolling Mat – best tool you’ll ever ask for as a gift at your wedding shower, birthday, Christmas or I just need a new thing mood.  It paysoff everytime you use it.  You can find it at William Sonoma (tell them I sent you) or I found one for a friend, I’m a nice friend, at Home Goods.

Why is it so good?  It provides you with a NON-STICK surface.  Helps to prevent cracking, and it’s huge which provides a large space for you to roll out your dough.

2.  Metal Spatulas.  I’m hanging my head because my spatulas are old and in great shape.  I can’t find suitable replacements.  As you can see one has a wide long flat surface and the other is a long skinny surface.  Each are needed at different times.

3.  Rolling pin.  There’s all kinds of rolling pins and the one I prefer is a two handeled wooden one.  GET A GOOD ONE it will last you forever.

4.  Parchment paper or freezer paper works well for surface protection on you kitchen table or counter top.  This is for when your cookies are done cooling and waiting for the next phase, icing.

5.  Flat Cookie Sheets – baby!  Mine are my grandmothers.  I wouldn’t even use my mom’s and she made better cookies than my grandmother.   They’re old time aluminum and as you can see I’m still using them.  If I were to research these sheets, I’d be going to resale shops.  Just sayin.

6. Cooling Rack(s) – these get a lot of use.  Find one that is sturdy and not cheap.  I look at items as an investment.  You could replace utensils all the tmie but what have you done – essentially you’ve spent more of your hard earned wages when you could have saved your pennies and purchased a quality utensil (couch, chair, mixer).  I’ll talk about quality a lot – it makes a huge difference in what you do.

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