Creating Memories One Day at a Time

More Wonderful Children’s Books.

My friend, Michelle, shared more of her treasured children’s books with me.  This group of books had a thematic swirl to them.  Enchanting opportunities to make anyone smile, especially children. … Continue reading

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From Behind the Teacher’s Desk

I’ve always been fascinated with children’s books.  It began in Ottawa, Illinois, where I often visited the historical Reddick’s Library children’s area, where the librarian barred me from taking out … Continue reading

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Country Chicken

UPDATE:  I wrote this post in 2011 but have been using it for years. It’s a great go to recipe that makes a lot. This time around I’m using Trader … Continue reading

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When a Cookie Holds a Memory

The first bite of a cookie holds childhood memories waiting to be sprung from our happy place.  The taste, the aroma, the sugar, the vanilla, the color, the shape, the … Continue reading

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Anyone Can Cook – Corn Chowder

All year long we’ve been following Gina Homolka, the Skinny Taste blogger and cookbook author.  She takes recipes and breaks them down to create healthier versions for her readers. She … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Cupboard

For a few weeks I’ve intended to clean out my pantry because Thanksgiving is just around the corner.   We’ve all had the grocery store moment where item wasn’t on the … Continue reading

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Strawberry Rhubarb Streusel Cake

I love rhubarb, in so many ways.  Growing up in Yorkville, we grew it on the edge of our half acre vegetable garden.  My mom froze it, made pie out … Continue reading

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Cafe Delites Chimichurri Chicken Review

When ever I set out to make a recipe I instinctively review the ingredients – is that too much salt, fat, heat, not touching that spice, or let’s replace with … Continue reading

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COVID19 Projected Data for Illinois Counts

I was looking for the projection COVID19 Illinois graphs all day yesterday.  I found it this morning, March 30th. Data tells a story.  I have personally counted on data to … Continue reading

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“We Can Do It”

I’m not Rosie the Riveter.  She became the iconic female during WWII asking women to do their patriotic part in the defense industry to help the war effort. The campaign, … Continue reading

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